How To Make The Cloud Prospecting Resource Work For You

Take a look at some actual capture pages.

Cloud Prospecting Resources

With The Cloud Prospecting Resource you get:


  • 1.7 million, 1.0 million with emails

8000 Networks - List generated in-house for our use

  • More than 110 companies - good for texting, social media, emailing

Persons interested in finding a home business opportunity

  • 20 Million

Individuals interested in health and wellness products

  • 500,000


  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors

Four hours of one-on-one video-recorded training

  • Marketing Tips, includes proven scripts
  • Texting
  • Emailing
  • Phone calling

Two software programs

  • Sorting and manipulating large prospect files
  • Splitter; breaks up large files for easier handling or sharing

Unlimited Access to All Cloud Resources $400.00

Price: $ 500.00  


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Unlimited Access to All Cloud Resources
PLUS - One capture page created to qualify prospects for your product or program —INCLUDES hosting.

Uses Responsive Design for mobile access. See note below.

Let technology do the heavy lifting.

Price: $850.00 


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Capture pages with Responsive Design increase the capture of Mobile Phone and Tablet users.

More than 80% of all emails are now opened on cell phones or other mobile devices like IPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablet devices. Surveys show that if web sites accessed on mobile devices cannot be viewed easily on the mobile device most users will simply discard the site and the email. Your capture pages will be optimized for mobile viewing to give you the advantage of connecting with mobile users in the way they like to connect.


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