I feel like I am not paying you enough for this resource. I think that people that are relatively new in the industry will not fully appreciate what you have done for them.

I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for more than 25 years and consider myself to be a seasoned professional. I know how amazing this is, and I know that it would take thousands and thousands of dollars for me to buy these tools individually.

I loved the training—Even though I have build two huge organizations the personalized training gave me new ideas that I can share to help my downline be successful too.

Every Network Marketer should be ecstatic about having this resource.  Barry B., CA

The Cloud Prospecting Resource is one-of-a-kind that no networker is likely to ever see again.

It took more than 600 man-hours, and the contribution of scores of network marketing entrepreneurs to assemble this resource.

Many thanks go to all of the top resource providers in the industry who joined with us to make this possible.

Thanks, too, to all of the group leaders who unselfishly shared their experience and knowledge to the training module of this resource.

They all agree that any networker that uses this resource and the training tools that are being used by the top earners will also make a lot of money.

Massive Effort = Massive Results

Technology can do most of the heavy lifting of Massive Effort now. Using the lightning fast speed of computers and the unlimited reach of the Internet you can now get your message out to more prospects than ever before.

Santa Monica Pacific Services Cloud Prospecting provides you with massive resources to fuel your efforts.

On this page you have access to more than 32 Million prospects. You can freely use them without worrying about running out.

The individual training sessions are designed to first find out how you like to market, and then to help you assimilate the proven methods that are being used by the industry's heavy hitters.

Genealogy Lists

These are partial or full down lines of network marketing companies. Some of these companies are still in business and others are no longer in business. Recruiting from genealogy lists has the potential for explosive growth. The genealogy lists total more than 1.2 Million listings.

View a breakdown of the companies.

Marketing Tip

Health and Wellness

This list has 500,000 buyers of health and wellness products. The list contains full contact information including emails and phone numbers.

These are excellent for building product sales. Satisfied customers often become the best distributors.

Co-Reg Leads

This is a list of 20 million co-reg leads. These are individuals who are buyers and consumers and possible prospects for business development.

Many of these have additional fields of information to guide your marketing efforts. Another good source for increasing your customer base.

Canadian Consumers

This an email list with 1 Million Canadian consumers with email addresses. These are on-line buyers of various products.

Many Network Marketers find Canadian consumers to be excellent prospects for "green" products.

Surveyed Leads

These are 200,000 surveyed leads to people that completed multi-part survey forms detailing their interest in home based businesses.

The surveys vary from 5 questions to more than 9 questions in addition to complete contact information.

Biz-Opp Seekers

This file has listings of 200,000 people that have asked for information about home based business opportunities.

All have email and phone numbers and many have USPS addresses making them ideal for post card campaigns.

Many health professionals are marketing alternative products to their clients.


There are more than 100,000 listings of chiropractors in the U.S. There are individual files for each state to make targeted marketing easier. 4000 of these listings have email addresses.


This file has a listing of 84,000 doctors with complete contact information and some include email addresses.


More than 100,000 U.S. Dentists with USPS mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

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